Archangel Gabriel; Lay your hands in mine!

(A channeling from Archangel Gabriel through Kerstin Eriksson, and also on

Lay your hands in mine!
And I will gladly guide you thoroughly.
I am Archangel Gabriel and I am here by your side, at all times!
Let me take care of your troubles, I am here to aid you, whenever you need.
You don´t have to carry everything, on your own, you are never alone.
I am here tonight to make you prepared to feel in your heart, that you can always call on me, I await your calling my dear beloved.
No you are not lazy, in any way, and no you are not careless, if you pray for my assistance.
It is my job to aid you, and it is your birthright to call on me!
Life is not always so easy, and many times you struggle on your own, and you feel very alone.
I am here despite the loneliness you experience.
Some of you dear children of earth feel you are not strong enough, and you walk on your lifepath with the feeling of loneliness and you are so miserable that you forget to call on me.
Even if you are strong when you look upon all your muscles, and you can feel their strength, it is not at this moment you truly experience true strength.
Instead true strength comes from when you can rise up, feeling and admitting your weaknesses, and it comes from the depth of your heart. True strength comes from letting yourself breath with God and allow yourself to be guided by us the angels of God. When you trust in us, you can close your eyes, and let us guide you, letting us be your eyes and heart, so lay all your troubles on me, on us, we love you!
Please have faith in me,
Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Michael; Algorithm for love!

Hello dear beautiful friend, I love you!
I am archangel Michael and I serve you!
My work is partly about opening your eyes and hearts, and today I would like to talk about the algorithm for love!
I have talked about if before, many times, and I will not stop until you understand fully,
how important this is!
Love is the only energy that lasts forever!
So when you invest in love, it is a very good deal for you!
All other roads are longer, the represent other qualities, some may be pretty nice,
but they will not last, for so very long.
Has anyone told you that walking on the path of love, is an easy walk?
Because it is not!
You will have many obstacles, bumps in your road.
And why is this?
The love energy is the strongest energy in the universe, and yet it moves slowly,
and you have to be patient, very patient, with your footsteps.
Each and every one of your footsteps, are truly precious.
Do you know why Jesus used to wash the feet of his disciples?
Think for a while!
Was it just only because their feet were dirty?
No not only because of that!
It was clearly about something much bigger!
By taking good and loving care about his best friends feet,
he showed them, love!
And by showing them that he himself was not any better, than them,
or he could have had someone else do the washing.
No he wanted and needed to be close to every step of their way,                                            at all times,
he wanted to show them there are no separation.
Love is all there is, and it lasts forever!
So by planting these seeds, that lasts forever,
they have now grown for a long time, and are big beautiful trees, with very old souls.
And they still remember, him, his hands on their feet!
They can still remember the love that is forever!
And most important they can feel his love right now!
So it is time for you to awaken to love, the slow true love,
and choose whos feet you yourself are going to wash, it is your time now!
I love you
Archangel Michael

Archangel Faith; Words of Wisdom! Channeling through Kerstin Eriksson.

I am Archangel Faith, and I love you! In times of trouble I am there with you even more! Yes of course you think, that would be just natural, because that is what Faith do!? And yet I am not quite sure you understand me completely! The thing is that I breathe with you! I feel when you are sad, or worried. I never leave your side! I am very close to you at all times! And if you let me I will be the healing balm on your wounds, like healing nectar for your soul! I am a Mother! You can always rely on me! I embrace all of Earth and every living being! And when times come to you with worries or fear, you might feel that you don´t have any connection to me, and all you have to do then is to call on me! It is actually up to your free will! Just think of me, and I will embrace you, for I love you and I want you to feel me completely!



Ismael; Can you feel the scent of the roses?!

I am Ismael, and I love you!
I am very old, and I have climbed the
highest mountains and I have walked in the deepest of valleys!
My road has not always been easy, it was very hard to climb
the mountains and the deep valleys had their characters.
But one day I discovered one very important thing!
I was not walking alone!
Oh no, not at all!
And I was very happy, I felt amazingly blessed
that I now could notice that God was walking by my side!
And what had really happened?
The truth is, God had walked next to me all along!
But I had not noticed it, until I was ready!
I was not ready at first!
And why was I not ready much earlier, you might ask,
why had it taken that long time for me to awaken?
Life after life we live on earth and for each time we are here
we are being rounded, a little bit more in each life.
It is like the stones on the beach.
They are being rounded a little bit more for each wave that rolls in on the shore.
It is the same for us humans.
We need time, to become round.
Time is an educator and also a healer!
It really means that we can fully sense God, after we have experienced
enough matters of the heart, and that is how you will
be able to recognize Gods presence.
There are no shortcuts! There are no ways to go around this
formidable rounding, shaping, into becoming an awakened lovebeing!
It is hard work. It means you really have to live your life to the fullest!
That is what makes the path so beautiful, all the attempts, and the very fact
that for every step that you take, you come closer to realizing that God is there,
side by side with you all the time!
And when the time comes, when you are ready to awaken, you will be able to hear the songs, you will be able to feel the scent of the roses, and you also know in your heart that God also exists fully in your heart, and that you are one with God!
I love you, no matter where you are on your path,
this is your life, and every single step matters!
Please have faith in that
God is there, always
side by side
with you
just waiting for you to awaken
to Gods love!

Ismael; I will put roses at your altar!

Ismael; I will put roses at your altar! A channeling through Kerstin Eriksson 26 December 2018.

Dear beloved friend I love you!
I am Ismael!
I will guide you to where waters flow
and you can drink all you need!
We will pray together, we will sing together
we will sing songs of joy and we will say prayers to heal all hearts!
If you let me, I will guide you, to ease all of your pains!
I am a healer and I am a devote to God!
If you loose one of your oars when you row your boat,
I will help you row!
If you loose your faith I will help you find your faith again and again and again!
I will help you see that your glass is half full, and never half empty!
I have walked many steps, and I know of every turn of the road,
there is no road I have not walked, so I know you!
Together we are one, I will guide you to the origin of love
where it is healing to be!
I will put roses at your altar
and you will sing songs of love with me!
I love you,

Archangel Michael; Multitude and latitude 2019.

4 January 2019 Channeling with archangel Michael, Multitude and latitude 2019, through Kerstin Eriksson,

I am archangel Michael, and I love you just as you are!
I visit you and your planet so much I think I live here!
I am always where you are!
Your planet is my home, and your heart is my landing spot!
We share hearts, we are one in the essence of the hearts love.
I am a navigator, I steer wherever I need to go and I see you and I feel you!
Most of all I feel you!
Now you have entered a completely new year!
And what about this year that you call 2019!
This is a special year! And of course all years are special, and yet this year has a certain heartbeat!
This year is a hub, a middle in a propeller. This year has the specific energy of being a transfer into whatever you choose. Use this year well! Many doors exists in this year, as you can look upon this year as a round room, with doors all around the rounded wall.
So this year presents to you many opportunities!
What door speaks to you? What door are you attracted to?
What door would you like to open?
How can you make a choice?
Well you have walked through many portals in the past years, and I think you feel now that you are ready for something new!
You have cleared your space very well!
You have altered whatever needed to be altered, for you to continue to grow with your gifts!
And now this year presents itself as a giver of opportunities.
As I also mentioned – the doors, to be able to feel the doors, see them, and also choose one to open, if you so desire, I can recommend that you follow your hearts direction, what you desire in your heart!
You might have to ask yourself these questions;
What is making your heart warm with compassion, love and creativity?!
What makes you happy?!
What do you dream about?!
The door or doors that is all about you and your hearts passion, those are the doors
that you should open!
You can also choose to stay in the hub, in the middle and just take your time!
There is no hurry, just doors, opportunities, and if you need more time to just be, it is okay!
Whatever is you and your hearts true goal, will always re-create itself for you, over and over again, but in different shapes, so you will not really loose anything.
The doors are to be opened in the sense of joy and love
and you must know that you can trust love always!
Having faith in love is the very key to doors.
There is no pressure to do anything if it does not feel right to you.
Just relax and enjoy whatever you do!
In the core of your heart there is a receiver and transmitter that has its own intelligence and your specific love goal, is always there waiting for you, you cant loose it!
So I just wanted to say
I am Michael
I am all around
and I love you!

Låt hjärtat vara med! Hennes kärlek är gränslös!

How has your day been!? I hope it was a nice day for you!

I was at a meeting in heaven today! In the heavenly meetingroom! So now I write the following channeling in Swedish words tonight! Inspired from murdered swedish politician, he was killed in Stockholm 28/2 1986, after have been seing a movie at the cinema! I am sorry very sorry to say that Sweden are facing a new order, nazi order paradigm 😓, the election is in one week. I want to cry out for help! They want to shut the democracy down. 😓 And this socialist politician man,  from heaven, are giving some of the words to me tonight!

Orden kommer från mitt senaste möte med själar i mötesrummet i himlen!

Där bland annat en gammal svensk politiker ger mig inspirerarande ord! Han lämnade jorden för tidigt 28 februari 1986. 

”Om allt var lätt att räkna ut, så skulle allt vara ordnat redan?!

Oj vad är det jag menar?!

Det låter lite kryptiskt eller hur?!

Sakta vaknar vi till en ny gryning!

Ja jag säger VI, för vi som är i himlen, är med er lika mycket nu som vi var i livet på jorden!

Alltfler väljer i sina hjärtan, vad de verkligen vill och hur de vill att framtiden skall se ut!

Hjärtats väg på jorden har inte varit lätt, inte lätt överhuvudtaget!

Att stå fast i sin tro oavsett, vad som sker runt omkring, är inte det lättaste!

Om Du tror på frihet och demokrati, då skall du kämpa för den!

Frihet och demokrati behöver hanteras med varsamhet och även med noggrannhet, annars

växer den vilt och kan lätt komma ur fas med vad som var tänkt från början!

Det kan visa sig att det man kallar för demokrati, inte längre är demokrati!

Det kan också visa sig att den underbara friheten, inte är en frihet utan ett stort fängelse!

Frihet är något vi har under eget ansvar!

Demokratin måste vårdas och skötas om som ett skötebarn vid varje andetag, varje dag, varje natt.

Så, nu, vad händer!?

Demokratin visar sina rätta kläder!

Demokratin har inte skötts om ordentligt!?

Demokratin har inte vårdats noggrant, varje dag och natt!?

Den har växt snett, och därmed in på andra vägar, villovägar!

Och det har hänt förr!

Fråga dig själv; vad tror du på?

Fråga dig själv; vilket samhälle vill du att barnen skall ta över om några år?

Förena hellre än att separera!

Lär barnen att omfamna, hellre än att lära dem att se olikheter.

Lär barnen att ta varandra i hand hellre än att låta dem sitta med olika apparater i sina unga händer!

Barnen är vår allas framtid!

Oavsett vilken sorts demokrati framtiden ger!

Värna om barnen, och låt dem leka med sin naturliga glädje och kreativitet!

Skapa ett tryggt och solidariskt samhälle för barnen,

då kommer även de vuxna att må bra!

Vattnet rinner över jorden, som hav, sjöar, floder, bäckar, åar, kanaler, älvar!

Regnet faller över hela jorden, dropparna ser inte var de faller ner, det spelar dem ingen roll, för de älskar Modern över allt annat, de vill att hon ska leva, och vara grön och skön!

Solen skiner över vår jord, vi har dag och natt, samma sol!

Samma måne är det också!

Vår Moder Jord är EN! Vi är EN med henne!

Hon, vår allas Moder Jord behöver oss N U!

Hon behöver rening, tvättning, avgiftning i stora skalor!

Och plasten!

All plast måste rensas bort från haven, stränder etc.

Förbjud plasten!

Vattnet ÄR detsamma, ni dricker samma vatten som dinosaurierna gjorde!

Investera i barnen nu, i trygga hem, trygga gator, trygga skolor,

ett stort tryggt samhälle!

Ja det finns ingen tid till att bråka, vara oense, Moder Jord behöver omplåstring NU!

Alla måste enas, gå samman,  för att hjälpa henne!

Ta nu varandra i hand släng pappersgränserna och gå över vattnet i stället,  och tillsammans,

vårda er kära Mamma med stort M.

Mamman, Er Jord, Er planet, ger Dig ditt dagliga vatten och bröd!

Alla Ni,  Ni som bor på jorden, NI är bröder och systrar,

ta nu varandra i handen och lägg ner stridsyxorna, om ni nu har någon och

ta och kavla upp ärmarna och dra Ert strå till stacken!

Ta fram samvetet!?

Ingen kan längre sitta på sin rumpa och tro att någon annan ska ro allt i hamn!

Alla behövs! Alla har sin egen uppgift!

Moder Jord ser inga gränser, hon läser inga kartor!

Hon ser Er, hennes barn!

Hon känner Er, utom och innan!

Hon vet att Ni lider och att många av Er inte mår helt bra!

Använd ett sunt förnuft, vettiga regler och solidaritet över alla hav, sjöar, floder, bäckar,

åar, kanaler, älvar.

Det finns ingen tid att spilla, ingen tid att luta sig tillbaka och tro att någon annan

kommer att ro båten åt Er!

Sträck ut en hand över floden, havet och alla de andra vattendragen, alla Ni måste enas om att jobba globalt tillsammans för miljön, för Er Moder, som GER ER ALLT!

Strunta i dessa mångmiljard projekt att flyga ut till andra planeter, lägg pengarna på BARNEN de som ännu inte har mat, vatten, mediciner, de vill lämna henne vår Moder i spillror, full med skräp och svältande barn, för PENGARNA FINNS JU! Pengar saknas inte! BARA VILJAN, och HJÄRTAT!

Ni stirrar er blinda på gränserna! Och på vilka som är innanför och utanför!?

Fråga Er istället vad Ni kan göra tillsammans, oavsett var ni befinner er, Ni står alla med Era fötter i jorden?!

Gränserna är naturliga, där land och där vatten möts.

Ni har sedan många hundratals år ritat upp kartor, och där dragit linjer, och även stridit, krigat för dessa linjer, och separationen ökar.

Oavsett dessa linjer på era kartor, så är ni människor, med två händer, en högerhand och en vänsterhand och valet är ERT!

Vad väljer du att göra med DINA HÄNDER, har med HUR DU ANVÄNDER DITT HJÄRTA!

Sträcker du ut handen till dina systrar och bröder, över vattnen?

Och väljer Du att se Moder Jord som en helhet, EN, och en mamma som nu behöver all hjälp, och att barnen de viktigaste, måste få växa upp i ett TRYGGT samhälle med hjärta och solidaritet oavsett var på planeten de bor!?

Riv alla de gamla kartorna med linjer och gränser och öppna dörren och ditt hjärta och kliv ut på din Moder, känn hennes hjärtslag under dina fotsulor, för hennes kärlek känner inga gränser!

Hon älskar Er alla! Hennes kärlek är gränslös!

Ja det ligger faktiskt i Era händer, Ni väljer vägen och glöm inte att låta hjärtat vara med!”


Archangel Gabriel Ambient love!

Here I am, archangel Gabriel, please hear me out!
I love you and on the cloudiest day.
I am not hovering above you, I am next to you!
We are angels and we work with everything between heaven and earth!
Many times we work where no one else would go, that is our mission!

Do you sometimes think that you are a to big of a burden to not say a prayer, because you do not want to lay a burden on God and us the Archangels and Angels?

Do you think there are so few angels that some people, for instance yourself, do not even have a guardian angel to aid you when you are in need?

Well, now I lay all the cards on the table for you to see clearly, my dear friend!
All beings on earth, have a guardian angel, at all times! As you sometimes say 24/7/365.
And, you also have a TEAM of ANGELS all day and all night, at your disposal!
And how does this work?
Well, we the angels work in teams, always! We never work alone!
There is no mystery! We are many angels, and we are 333 archangels in this universe!
Each archangel have a staff, a crew that work at all times, and we all love to work!

Yes! We LOVE to WORK! Our work is our LIFE!
We serve all of you, including all beings on Earth, your homeplanet!
And we are MANY, you can never wear us out, and make us tired of you, at any time, this is a part of your illusion that some can have, and that others would be without, our assistance? Yes I call it assistance, IF YOU WILL HAVE US!!
We are here! Now! Right beside you!

And what is happening?
You do not notice us!? Why?
Well ask yourself, these questions,
I call these questions for heart detection questions!

1. Do you BELIEVE?
2. Do you have FAITH?
3. How large do you think an angel is?!
4. Do you think it has to do with a size?! 😉
5. Are you plugged-IN?
6. How is your connection working?
7. Maybe you have to reset your faith!?

Well there you have the most important questions!
Do you think I am crazy now!? 😉
I can help you with all of these questions! NOW!

Number 1 is, do you believe in love, in rainbows, in friendship, in goodness, in life, in yourself!?

Number 2, is all about faith, do you have faith in that GOD always LOVES YOU!?

Number 3, Some angels are very big, and others are very small!

Number 4, The size of an angel is of course not at all important! I am teasing you a little bit, what matters is the LOVE-connection at all times, love is a ray, that goes through EVERYTHING…and is immeasurable.

Number 5, How can you get plugged-IN with us Archangels and Angels?!
Well, you have to have FAITH in your heart! Your heart is your channel, your phone to God, your heart does both, receive and send.

Number 6, The connection has to do with, you and your environment. Do you have a minute a day for your own personal growth, just a little healing moment each day?! Do you give yourself soul-room?!

Number 7, Many humans on Earth think that Faith has to do with religions and churches to do…and I say; Faith is an universal energy, a ray, that is the very foundationstone to life itself. Faith has been kidnapped by some religions and therefore many deny themselves their own path to Faith, and embracing your own Faith! The Faith I talk about is ALWAYS connected to Hope and Love, they work together and you can not separate them!

That is why sometimes it is better to reset Faith knowing that she is an archangel working with the very basics of your spiritual and personal growth. Faith is your base power, from where you build the rest! Faith is the connection, the very ”phonenumber” to God! You don´t need a church, to get connected with God! You get connected on the bus, in the theater, on the toilet, in your bed, in the garden, rowing a boat etc WHEREVER you ARE dear!

Take a little moment each day and breathe!
Focus on your breathing and love each breath!
This is how you reconnect with us, the angels, we work with the ETHER, the AIR that you breathe!

Is it to complicated?
If you are stressed, in your life, never having a personal relaxed moment, it will be hard for you to notice us, that is when you think we are not there…!

God is waiting for you, he want to talk to each and everyone of you, personally!
No middle hand is needed! But you seem to think that!?
God want to be YOUR FRIEND, you can have your own personal connection with God at any time, wherever your heart is and your Faith is…!

Do you find this possible or impossible?
Ask where your FAITH is!
Just as easy as you talk on Facebook, or Twitter or whatever social internet meeting place you are on, you should know that it is just as easy to talk to God!
Do you have FAITH?
Many of you are plugged-in, connected, with your Instagram for example, and it comes from modems, masts, that send invisible rays, that you use to communicate through.
Well, there are no difference really, the connection with God is invisible too..!
And yet, God is there just as much, as your technology…EVEN MORE!
To connect with God you don not need a phone, or a computer! You already have your heart!
Your Faith is the phone number to God!
So DO YOU HAVE FAITH.. dear beloved friend!?
You just have to love yourself, and know that God loves all of you!
No matter if the sun shines or if it is a cloudy day, we are always by your side, and we hope to see you really soon!


Archangel Michael; See you see me!

I am Michael, I am an archangel, and I am very close to you!
The most important thing for you to know is that I love you!
The second most important thing for you to hold close to your heart, is that I protect you!
If I showed you my army of lovers and protectors you would go crazy because you wouldn’t believe that we are so many!
And still, I am where you are!
I know of every step that you take, always!
I even know of every breath that you make, always!
So what am I trying to explain?
And what do you believe in?
Do you sense me?
Do you see me?
Do you even believe in me?
Well, it does not really matter to me, because I am where you are anyway! But, it does make a very big change, if you truly believe in me and my beloved legion of holy protectors of Goodness and true Light! And what will the difference unfold?
It will all become clear to you!
True Light makes everything clear to you!
Your inner vision will find new air to breathe!
Colors will appear that you have never seen before and they are the lost colors of the True Light! They are visible when you believe in me!
You all have them! Within!
They are a gift given to you a very long time ago!
But to be able to really see them, it is necessary for you to have FAITH, in me and that will make all the difference for you!

I love you

Friday, 10 august 2018
©️ Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith

Sananda; Your precious feet, your new Chakra!

The songs of wisdom sings a new song now!
I am Sananda, and I am very old!
There is a big piece of the puzzle that are now revealing itself for you!
Like a missing link, maybe quite easy to understand, and yet very easily overlooked.
Well a long time ago, my beloved used to wash my feet, and she even kissed my feet sometimes. And she is a lady of Earth, my lady in red.
She knew, the importance of the feet.


Well the feet have a chakra that is extremely important to you, if you search for completion as a being of Earth. In a way you probably already knew this.
But what I don’t think you know is that, the rest of the chakras have to interact with the foot chakra so that they can work well, get you in contact with other realms and more.
Your precious feet are waiting for you to make first contact!
Many of you don’t realise how important your feet actually are!
It is the missing link, and now it is time to awaken to this reality!
They carry you, they want to give you more contact with your beloved Earth, your Mother!
Listen to me and I will guide you!
I love you, Sananda

Saturday, 14 July 2018
©️ Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith