My thoughts for today; CITRIC ACID

To make a long story very short;
CITRIC ACID, is it making us ill?

My friend has excluded all CITRIC ACID from her diet, and from all forms of soaps, schampoos and more and now she is free from nut allergy and cat allergy.
She has had these allergies all her life. And now she is well!

I just wonder how CITRIC ACID can be a component in almost ALL FOOD, from cereals to yogurt, to ice-cream, to schampoos, hair conditioners, to body lotions, even in earplugs. Even in blood, in the hospitals, if you need blood.

Today CITRIC ACID is made out of black mold.
E number E330 – E333, E380, E472c och E1505

Citric ACID exists in our bodies, and in lemons of course, It is natural.
But today it is made in an other way. The mold Aspergillus niger

BLACK MOLD…is in your favorite ice-cream, in your jam and almost anything you buy in a normal supermarket.

The scientists say there are no traces of the black mold, when the product is ready, and sold to the market of food manufacturers.

I just ask, why, did my friend get well from these heavy allergies. The nuts almost killed her earlier. The cat allergy, she could never be in the same room or house or near clothes as anyone wore.

Just take a look at the ingredient list the next time. It is there, everywhere.

Friday 29 September 2017
© Kerstin Eriksson – Archangel Faith


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