Todays message; Archangel Michael; Through the eye of the needle! Astrology link today!

Yes today
I Aa Michael
will talk about
the eye of the needle…!
What do I mean?
Right now there is a special
passing through
a very little needle.
Right through the very eye of it!
Why is this?
This is a very old process
of liberation to make
room for natural LOVE!
Astrologically you might feel;
You feel stirred up.
You don’t understand why?
Are the ground really under your feet? You might ask yourself..!

Just relax, above all the clouds there is always a sun shining…
don’t you ever forget that dear!

Right now there is confusion
use you love, heart and intuition!

Shamballa has a special message to all right now!

We are here
right next to you
we know
what you feel right now
Just be calm in your center, and ground yourself
in nature, get some free space for yourself
a little each day
This passing through needle is astrologically
effecting throughout the hole universe.
Soon we are all through this eye,
just be sure of that
and always have faith!


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